An energy transformation is underway

Renewable energy comes from natural resources like the sun, wind and water. By harnessing these resources, NSW is fast transitioning towards a modern energy future – one which is sustainable, diverse and affordable for everyone. Find out more about the benefits of renewable energy.

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GreenPower is a national accreditation program for renewable energy.  You can purchase government accredited renewable energy from electricity suppliers or through a decoupled GreenPower provider.

The Clean Energy Strategies for Business Program provided funding for 20 NSW businesses.

Community energy projects are a great opportunity for people to come together and work to achieve their clean energy goals whilst bringing economic benefits to their region.

Find out how renewable energy can help reduce operational costs and drought-proof farms.

The renewable energy action plan

The plan positions NSW to increase the use of energy from renewable sources at least cost to the energy consumers and with maximum benefits to the state.

Read more about the Renewable Energy Action Plan

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