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Social programs for energy code

The NSW Social Programs for Energy Code sets out how retailers must assist in delivering the Government's energy assistance measures and how to claim reimbursement from the State Government for paying energy rebates & energy account payment assistance (EAPA) vouchers. Retailers need to consult the SPC for details of the requirements.

Retailer reporting requirements

The code requires retailers to report information on their customers who receive one or more rebates. The Department provides a template for this reporting and publishes summaries of the information it receives from retailers together with other information about the rebates program. The existing reports available include:

Amendments to the NSW Social Programs for Energy Code

On 1 October 2021, amendments to the NSW Social Programs for Energy Code were published in the New South Wales Government Gazette. These changes commenced from 1 November 2021. The amended NSW Social Programs for Energy Code is available online and can be accessed here.