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About the ESS

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is NSW’s largest energy efficiency program.  

The Scheme provides households and businesses with financial incentives to improve the energy efficiency of their equipment and appliances. This is done through the creation of Energy Savings Certificates (ESC). 

The Energy Savings Scheme Rule (ESS Rule) details how ESCs are created. The current ESS Rule is effective from 1 August 2022. 

The NSW Government has committed to updating the ESS Rule on an annual basis. The annual updates to the ESS Rule are intended to: 

  • incorporate stakeholder feedback and evaluation results 
  • maintain the effectiveness of the ESS Rule through updates to savings factors, changes to the Rule requirements and adding activity schedules for new technologies 
  • complement changes to building and equipment standards 
  • incorporate new methods for energy savings 
  • make other enhancements to the ESS Rule to maintain its integrity and/or reduce transaction costs.