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Regional community energy fund

Regional community energy fund

The regional community energy fund provides grants to community energy projects that create innovative and/or dispatchable renewable energy and benefit the local community. 

Applications for the first round of funding have now closed.

It has not yet been confirmed if a second round will take place.  This page will be updated when further information becomes available. We have awarded grants to 7 projects, worth approximately $15.4 million, in the first round of funding. These projects will unlock nearly 17.2MW in electricity generation and up to 17.9MW/39.3MWh of energy storage, leveraging around $36 million in private investment. Each funding recipient will share their learnings, supporting other regional communities to take control of their energy future.  The projects receiving grant funding are listed below.


Project Title 

Primary technology and capability 

Location (closest town) 

Byron Bay Solar Farm Holdings 

Byron Bay Solar Farm + Battery Storage Facility 

5 MW Solar PV 
5 MW / 10MWh battery     


Energise Gloucester 

Gloucester Community Solar Farm 

0.5 MW Solar PV     


Community Energy for Goulburn 

Goulburn Community Dispatchable Solar Farm 

1.2 MW Solar PV 
0.4 MW / 0.8MWh battery     


Grong Grong Solar 1 Pty Ltd 

Haystacks Solar Garden 

1 MW Solar PV     

Grong Grong 

Manilla Community Renewable Energy 

Manilla Community Solar 

4.5MW Solar PV 
4.5 MW / 4.5MWh battery 
2 MW /17MWh hydrogen energy storage system 



Orange Community Renewable Energy Park 

5 MW Solar PV 
Up to 5 MW / 5 MWh battery 


Enova Community Energy Ltd 

The Beehive Project - Shared Community Battery Scheme 

1 MW / 2MWh battery 

Kurri Kurri 

Further information

If you have questions or would like to receive additional information about the fund please email [email protected].