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A place to celebrate and be inspired by ​NSW’s sustainability champions!​

Zero In is unearthing and sharing the stories and getting to know the human face of the people leading us to a sustainable, net zero future.

We all have a role to play in building a thriving, healthy and prosperous future for our communities and businesses across NSW. Together we can support those leading the sustainability charge, big and small, and learn from their stories of action and change.

Charging ahead to an electric future

Anthony Weinberg is a bold EV advocate and the driving force behind the first Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network in Sydney. Electric vehicles are cleaner, quieter and save the average driver $1000 a year. Find out how owning and driving an EV is now easier than ever.

Man standing with EV charger

Partnering to make solar simple

City of Canterbury Bankstown is working hard to make switching to solar as easy as possible.  A partnership with Australian Energy Foundation provides residents with clear guidance, while a partnership with Ausgrid has brought a Community Battery trial to Bankstown. Read on for the full story.

People standing in front of Tesla battery in community

Why declarations are the first step to decarbonisation

Cyril Giraud spent the first few years of his career digging around in quarries, while Philippa Stone was sifting through London’s skips.  
Find out how they are now helping to reshape the future of essential building materials.

Cyril Giraud smiling

Energy Culture - why sustainability is good for business

Be inspired by our very first story where we Zero In on an electrician with a mission. Solar panel specialist Joe Edginton says his company, Energy Culture, has enjoyed rapid growth due to an emphasis on sustainability.

Tradespeople installing solar panels

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