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Hydrogen hubs in NSW

Helping create a thriving hydrogen industry

Hydrogen hubs

Hydrogen hubs are regions where producers and users of green hydrogen across industrial, transport and energy markets are co-located. We are supporting the development of hubs to:

  • unlock a green hydrogen industry and workforce to transform our regional economies and prepare NSW for the future as global markets decarbonise
  • reduce the cost of hydrogen infrastructure development and supply chain costs to make hydrogen commercially competitive with existing fuels
  • create new jobs, encourage innovation, improve energy security and provide businesses with more choices to increase revenue while reducing emissions.

Hydrogen hubs will help us shift to a low carbon economy. This supports our plan to cut emissions by 70% by 2035 and achieve net zero by 2050.

The hydrogen hub initiative

Our hydrogen hub initiative is a key action under the NSW Hydrogen Strategy, which sets out our plan to develop a green hydrogen industry.

We are supporting the development of 3 hydrogen hubs to increase the production and availability of green hydrogen across the state. These hydrogen hubs are critical to reaching our green hydrogen production capacity target of 700 megawatts by 2030. 

These hydrogen hubs will:

  • improve air quality
  • reduce our carbon emissions in hard-to-abate sectors
  • provide businesses with more choices to increase revenue and reduce emissions
  • create new jobs
  • grow and diversify our economy
  • improve our energy security.  

The hydrogen hub initiative has 2 support streams:

  1. hydrogen projects - grant funding to support commercial-scale green hydrogen projects in NSW with confirmed agreements to sell green hydrogen. The projects must include at least one end user in the hub region and can also include end users outside the hub regions, both outside NSW and Australia
  2. hydrogen consumers - registrations of Interest (ROIs) to identify hydrogen consumers who are ready to purchase hydrogen now or at some point in the future, new areas of high hydrogen demand, and drive scale within hub regions. There is currently no funding available for hydrogen consumers. 

We are prioritising projects that can scale quickly and increase hydrogen demand.

Hydrogen projects receiving funding

Applications for grant funding closed in August 2022. 

We have awarded $109.3 million of funding from the hydrogen hub initiative to 3 hub projects. We selected these 3 projects after a commercial, technical and strategic assessment. 

Funding recipientFunding amountProject nameLocationProject summaryElectrolyser capacity (MW)Green hydrogen production (tonnes per annum)
BOC Limited$28.5 millionThe Illawarra hydrogen technology hubCringilaThe Illawarra hydrogen technology hub will kick-start the adoption of green hydrogen in NSW for transport and electricity. The project will use existing infrastructure, will be scalable and create local clean energy jobs to help transition NSW workforces to the sector.10.51,460
Hiringa Sundown Project Co. Pty Ltd as trustee for the Project Trust$35.8 millionGood Earth Green Hydrogen and Ammonia ("GEGHA") Moree PlainsGood Earth Green Hydrogen and Ammonia (GEGHA) will be an integrated solar energy to hydrogen and ammonia project. All manufacturing operations will be co-located at the Wathagar cotton ginning facility site on the Keytah agricultural property, near Moree in northern NSW.12936.5
Origin Future Fuels$45 millionHunter Valley Hydrogen HubKooragang IslandOrigin Energy will work with Orica to develop a Hunter Valley Hydrogen Hub. This will deliver a safe, reliable and commercial-scale green hydrogen supply chain in the Newcastle industrial and port zone.555,500

Consumers interested in purchasing hydrogen

We are seeking registrations from existing or potential hydrogen consumers that are interested in purchasing hydrogen now or at some point in the future. Find out more about hydrogen users looking to join hubs. Please register your hydrogen consumption details to be included.

Register online here

Hydrogen users can register at any time throughout the hydrogen hub initiative. We will make all information gathered through this process publicly available. 

To help you complete and submit your registration of interest (ROI) on the SmartyGrants platform, you should read the SmartyGrants help guide for applicants.

If you have any questions or need assistance, email the hydrogen team at [email protected].

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