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Upgrade your business equipment and system processes

Part of the Energy Security Safeguard

You can access incentives to upgrade your business equipment and appliances with the NSW Government Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). The ESS is part of the Energy Security Safeguard. 

The ESS provides financial incentives for households and businesses to become energy efficient by cutting electricity and gas use. It does this by making it cheaper for you to invest in an upgrade project to reduce your energy use. 

Project eligibility 

All sorts of equipment, technology types and processes may be eligible. They include: 

Increase energy efficiency by replacing your compressed air system or by making modifications such as repairing air leaks or lowering the delivery pressure. 

Save on bills by replacing or modifying your furnace so that it runs more efficiently. 

Reduce energy use and operating costs by replacing or modifying your HVAC system. 

Run a more efficient hot water and steam system, by replacing or modifying your current equipment. 

Lower energy bills and help the environment by replacing old lights with energy efficient lights such as LEDs. 

Reduce your energy bills by modifying existing motors, pumps and fans, or by installing new, more energy efficient ones. 

Find out what incentives you may be eligible for by checking the NABERS energy rating for your building. 

Make your power systems more energy efficient by replacing old equipment or by upgrading existing systems. 

Access incentives to replace or modify a range of industry specific equipment to make industrial processes more energy efficient. 

Make your refrigeration systems more energy efficient by replacing old equipment or by modifying your current system. 

Incentives for bundled upgrades are available under the NSW Government Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). Find an approved supplier in your region.  

How certificate schemes work

Find out how to access the incentives through the scheme and learn more about how it works

Have your say

The NSW Government collaborates with stakeholders and industry to develop rules for the ESS and for the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS). We regularly seek feedback on proposed updates.

You can get involved and keep abreast of public consultations by checking the 'Have your say'- page.