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These Guidelines present a whole-of-system approach for implementing circular design strategies throughout all phases of built environment projects.

Energy generated from solar systems, or from the grid, can be stored in batteries, which helps businesses to efficiently manage their energy use. 

Home solar battery systems can store solar energy generated during the day and make it available when the sun isn’t shining. This can help households save money and efficiently manage their energy use.

An electricity metering and monitoring system collects your electricity data. Learn how this information can help to reduce your energy usage and cut down on costs. 

Gas is a significant cost for most businesses and households. Investing in a monitoring system to understand your gas usage can save you money.

An efficient compressed air system is vital for keeping energy costs down. Low-cost, simple actions can improve the efficiency of your compressed air system.

Upgrading your lighting system can help you save money on energy use.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) are major contributors to energy use and operating costs. Find out how to reduce those costs by getting the most from your system.

Refrigeration is one of the appliances which are always kept on. Find out how improving operation of industrial refrigeration and process cooling systems can help you reduce energy use and costs. 

Voltage optimisation technology works by adjusting the voltage supplied to a site. 

The NSW Government supports farmers to use renewable energy to reduce operational costs and drought proof their farm