Corrosion protection

Corrosion Protection Systems shield metal structures in contact with land or water from corrosion.

The Electricity Supply (Corrosion Protection) Regulation 2014 requires corrosion protection systems to be "registered" (apart from those exempted by Clause 4 of the Regulation).

NSW Corrosion Protection Systems (CPS) registration process

All CPS applications and processing takes place via the Public Register of NSW corrosion protection systems External link icon.

System overview

  • Each current CPS owner is required to obtain a user login to access the CPS owner's area. This takes place via the application (similar to obtaining a web-email account).
  • The online system enables CPS owners to establish testing cycles, assign 'interested parties' and transfer ownership.
  • All registered CPS owners are required to submit an annual report to the Department.
  • The online system eliminates the necessity for paper registration certificates.


  • In 2010 The former Better Regulation Office (BRO) conducted a review of the Electricity Supply (Corrosion Protection) Regulation 2008. This regulatory review involved extensive consultation with the corrosion protection industry. The final BRO Report was released in late 2010.
  • A key recommendation of the review was the establishment of an online register along with a number of changes to the processing of CPS applications covered by the Regulation.
  • As a result, the NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development has developed an online application to streamline CPS registration, and processing.
  • The main features of this new regime will be the elimination of annual renewal of current systems – although regular retesting and annual registration fees will still be necessary.
  • A working group of members of the NSW Electrolysis Technical Committee were consulted in developing and testing of the system prior to roll-out.