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Help for households facing energy bill stress

Energy Accounts Payments Assistance scheme

Are you having a hard time paying your household electricity or natural gas bill?

You could be eligible for a one-off payment through our Energy Accounts Payments Assistance (EAPA) scheme.

We deliver it in partnership with non-government organisations and NSW energy retailers.

I can't pay my bill

Speak to your electricity or gas supplier first if you are having a short-term financial crisis.

They may give you an extension to pay or set up a hardship/payment plan.

Still having trouble? You may be eligible for the one-off payment through the EAPA scheme.

How it works

Households are given digital vouchers to help pay electricity or gas bills. The scheme is only for people in financial crisis.

Contact an EAPA provider to find out if you are eligible.

EAPA providers include the NSW Government and organisations such as Anglicare, Salvation Army, Wesley Mission, Local Land Councils and neighbourhood centres.

Find a provider by downloading this PDF or get in touch with Service NSW.


If you are eligible, the provider will give you one or more $50 EAPA vouchers, which will be sent electronically to your retailer and credited to your account.

The EAPA scheme is not available for liquid petroleum gas (LPG) invoices. To see if you’re eligible for the LPG rebate, visit NSW Gas Rebates.

Do you live in an embedded network?

People living in embedded networks are not currently eligible. These sites typically include apartment blocks, retirement villages, and caravan parks.

However, we are looking to expand the scheme temporarily to customers of authorised energy retailers in embedded networks as part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 response.

If you would like to be advised when your retailer is added, send an email to [email protected]. Include your name, address, contact number and a copy of your latest energy bill.

Call Service NSW on 13 77 88 for information on other long-term energy assistance schemes.

Become an EAPA provider

If you organisation would like to help deliver the EAPA Scheme, please complete this contact form:



Other energy bill rebates

There are 6 NSW Government rebates providing ongoing energy bill support. Customers may be eligible for more than one energy rebate.

A new National Energy Bill Relief payment is also available to households receiving NSW Energy Rebates. This is a one-off payment of $500 for the financial year 2023-24.

I want to reduce my energy use

Lighting upgrade offer

Replace your halogen downlights with new LED bulbs. The cost of the LED bulbs and the fee for installation is subsidised by the government.

Solar for low income households offer

This offer helps eligible households access affordable clean energy by providing them with free 3 kilowatt solar systems. A solar system can help you unlock long term savings on your household electricity bills by up to $600 a year. Check your eligibility and apply online in a few easy steps.

Removal of energy retailer fees

As of 1 January 2018, electricity retailers are not allowed to charge exit fees or early termination fees when you decide to switch your supplier. You are free to find a better energy deal at any time. Fees for paper bills and for paying your bill at an Australia Post office have also been removed.