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New technology to measure and monitor energy usage

Wireless technology is useful for many households that want to monitor and manage their energy use.

In some instances, by simply checking an app on your smart phone, you can see how much energy you are using.

There are a number of tools to help monitor energy use.

  • Smart devices such as Wi-Fi-connected plugs, appliances and hardwired units can be monitored and turned on and off by a smart phone or computer.

  • A smart meter-based system uses the digital systems in a smart meter to monitor what energy is being used.  

  • ‘Floating’ wireless hubs are devices that allow you to control and monitor all existing Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs, appliances and switches.

  • Inverter-based systems measure all things solar in the home. This includes energy use and a measure of how much energy is going to the grid or to battery storage.

Some energy-measuring tools are still analogue.

  • Meter-based systems have circuit breakers and clamps installed in the meter box to monitor energy data.

Timers to control appliances and equipment

Households can better control their energy use by:

  • controlling and setting timers on lights, appliances, solar and battery storage systems through a smart phone app or a computer

  • getting prompts from service providers when energy use is abnormally high.