A comprehensive system is in place to ensure authorised energy retailers are paid promptly and efficiently for NSW energy assistance measures they extend to customers.

NSW energy assistance measures are available to eligible customers in a variety of categories ranging from pensioners to families, people suffering hardship and people on low incomes.

The Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2014 and Gas Supply (Natural Gas Retail) Regulation 2014 requires retailers to comply with any Social Programs for Energy Code issued by the Minister.

The NSW Social Programs for Energy Code (SPC) (321 KB) sets out how retailers must assist in delivering the Government's energy assistance measures and how to claim reimbursement from the State Government for paying energy rebates & energy account payment assistance (EAPA) vouchers. Retailers need to consult the SPC PDF icon (321 KB) for details of the requirements.

The NSW Government's energy assistance measures include:

Acquittal statements

Reimbursement for the above energy rebates delivered to customers will be provided to retailers after receipt of all required supporting information in line with the SPC, including administration fees, on forms provided by the Division of Energy, Water and Portfolio Strategy.

Social Programs for Energy Code