• Electricity generation

    Electricity in NSW is generated from a wide range of fuel sources, including black coal, natural gas, coal seam methane gas and renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind, biomass and solar.

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  • Electricity networks

    Download our comprehensive guide to electricity network safety, incident and performance reporting, network management and everything you need to know about corrosion protection.

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  • Gas networks

    Learn more about gas network safety and get help with incident reporting and accidents. Access gas performance reports - whole-of-state reports on gas safety performance.

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  • Pipelines

    Find out about the licensing process for the construction and operation of cross-country transmission pipelines. Need to know what happens during a pipeline accident or emergency? Download our safety reporting guidelines and templates.

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  • Network connections

    Looking to become an ASP? Find out what the electricity service installation rules are behind the accreditation and get direct access to apply now. Find out more about the installation of smart meters in NSW.

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