Small changes can make a big difference in your summer energy bill. Here are some helpful hints to reduce your use and beat the heat.

Keep cool

1. Reduce your air-conditioning use. Cooling our homes is one of the biggest energy costs in summer. Making little changes to your air-conditioner use can mean big bill savings. Here are some of the best ways to use less air-conditioning:
  • Turn your air-conditioning a bit warmer – each degree warmer in summer can save you 10%.
  • Focus on cooling one part of your house and cut down in other areas.
  • Swap your air-conditioner for a fan.
  • Keep cool in a pool.
  • Stay cool together. Hanging out in a shared air-conditioned space (like at work or the cinemas) and turning off the air conditioning at home is one of the best ways to save.
  • Keep the heat out of your house by closing blinds, doors and windows on the hot days. Closing gaps and cracks around the house can save you $45 a year.
  • When a cool change comes in, open your doors and windows to make the most of it.

2. Cool water is the best water.

  • Washing your laundry in cold water can save you around $50 per year.
  • Hanging out in the pool is a great heat-buster. Even a quick dip will keep you cooler for hours after you’re out of the pool. Bonus savings: If you turn off your pool pump at peak times (3pm – 7pm) and turn off your pool heater, you will see some big energy bill savings.

Turn it off

Savvy use of your appliances in summer will mean great rewards on your next energy bill.

1. At home

  • Turning off appliances at the wall when they’re not in use can save 1-5% on your energy bills.
  • Swapping your dryer for a clothesline one extra time a week could save you around $70 per year.
  • Turning off a second fridge in summer.

2. At work

  • Cycling or walking to work reduces the demand on other transport options.
  • If working from home, turn off your computer and printer overnight or when not in use.

Swap it out

Swapping a few appliances can mean big savings.

1. Simple swaps – quick and easy ways to help your hip pocket.

  • Swap your air-conditioner for a fan.
  • Swap your oven for a microwave or BBQ.

2. Super swaps – make your home work for you.

  • Upgrade your home insulation, windows and blinds to heat-proof your house.
  • Take advantage of the grants available to get energy efficient appliances and make them work for you. Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Grants here:

You can find more helpful hints to use less and save more by downloading our Summer Helpful Hints fact sheet, or on the Office of Environment and Heritage website.


How will reducing my use help my bill?

Energy use plays a big role in your energy bill. Even a few little changes in the warmer months can make a big difference. If you are on a “time of use” price plan, the less you use at peak times will optimise your savings.

What is the most effective way to reduce my bill?

There’s no wrong way to save, but there are a few things that can make the biggest impact.

  1. Reducing your air-conditioner use by turning it off or increasing the set temperature.
  2. Turning off your pool pump at peak times.
  3. Turning off appliances and lights when they’re not in use.

Check out more helpful hints to use less and save more at:

What if I want even more bill savings?

In addition to reducing your bills by using less, you can also save more by:

  1. Shopping around for the best deal (
  2. Using newly increased energy rebates (

To learn more about the recent Bill relief package, visit: