Tampering with any electricity wires can be fatal and must be avoided by any person that is not qualified to do this type of work.

The most important thing when dealing with electricity connections is to ensure you employ someone who is fully qualified to do the electricity work you are planning to have done.

You must employ an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) when work needs to be done, such as:

Level 1

  • Extending the capacity of the electricity network;
  • Construction of overhead and underground electricity network assets;
  • Relocation of electricity assets to allow for other works.

List of level 1 Accredited Service Providers 

Level 2

  • Connecting and disconnecting electricity wires connected to premises;
  • Installing, repairing and alterations to underground and overhead electricity service lines;
  • Installing or removing electricity meters.

List of level 2 Accredited Service Providers

Level 3

  • Design work for overhead and underground electricity networks.

List of level 3 Accredited Service Providers

Please contact Service NSW 13 77 88 for details of an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) closest to you.